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Tian Lu Zhi Jia was set up in Toa Payoh on June 2007, an extremely strategically located but tranquil place. Tian Lu Zhi Jia exclusively sells only Tianlu (Pixiu) a mythical animal, and obtains successful entrepreneur award for year 2010 in a short period of 3 years, arousing many people's curiosity and discussion about what is the secret of his success.

Mr Ang founder of Tian Lu Zhi Jia, have been in business for 30 years, enjoys collecting jade stones. He bought a pair of Pixiu 10 years ago (unaware there was a difference between female -「Bixie」and male-「Tianlu」. It turned out that he encountered a series of misfortunes and piled up lots of debts. He resorted to changing the geomancy (feng shui) of his house, office and even his name (currently using back real name). But things did not improve until Mr Ang met a wise man sharing the same interest with him, collecting jade stones and mythical animals as well. The wise man instructed him to check if his house kept any female 「Bixie」. He then realized he did displayed 2 sets of female Pixiu -「Bixie」at home which were meant for guiding the cemetery. Immediately, Mr Ang discarded the 2 「Bixie」away.

Mr Ang given name is "Chiok Hock". "Chiok" in Chinese means "stone" and "Hock" in Chinese means "fortune". The wise man told him:-「since stone can bring fortune to you then you should venture into stone's business」. As Mr Ang is fond of jade himself, with further knowledge of Tianlu (Pixiu), so he established Tian Lu Zhi Jia. The wise man also said:-「whatever undertaking you are engaged in remember "do things conscientiously, as you do, do the best". Besides, such an undertaking requires destiny (yuan fen), if it is preordained, even the store is set up in boondocks, customers will get the trace. When customers want to know things about Tianlu, the first person they think of is you because of your professional knowledge」.

Mr Ang attaches great importance to the words of "do things conscientiously, as you do, do the best". Since he made his mind to do business of Tianlu, he turned to be an expert of Tianlu, and operated the business attentively with his heart and soul.

To date, Mr Ang had received several awards - the successful entrepreneur award for year 2010 & 2011, Singapore Brand award 2011 & the Circle of Excellence (TOP 5) - Feng Shui mascot retail in Singapore Real Estate Industry.

The company attracts customers from all walks of life, including ethnic overseas clientele from the region like China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Germany and India. Besides the common Chinese religious belief (Buddhists & Taoists), Tian Lu Zhi Jia also had ethnic customers from various religious – Catholics, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, and even Muslims (Malays). With the maxim he believed, customers of Tian Lu Zhi Jia will gain and benefit a lot in all walks of life.

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  • Awarded Circle of Excellence Real Estate Industry (Top 5)
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